keyplus first release

I finally chose a name and released the source code for my wireless split keyboard fimrware: keyplus. The code supports split keyboards with up to 64 devices, which can be connected either wired or wirelessly (not Bluetooth). The code keyboard code runs on ATxmega32a4u and the wireless dongle code runs on an nRF24LU1+. The code is still in a beta state, but most of the core features are currently implemented. Here’s some pictures of my keyboards that use the firmware I’ll post more about my work on the controller I use to run the firmware when I get a chance on the weekend.

Cool features in my firmware

Why write another keyboard firmware

There’s several good open source keyboard firmware projects around, so you might wonder why I went to the effort to write my own. The first version of my split keyboard firmware was originally based on TMK, but for a couple of reasons I wanted to write my own:

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