keyplus controller update

The keyplus mini v3
The keyplus mini v3

It has been a while but I’ve finally got my next batch of controllers ready. The main change in this version is a new USB Type-C connector. This connector has a couple advantages over the one I used previously:

For more information about the controller check out my previous post.

New USB Type-C connector profile.
New USB Type-C connector profile.

Firmware updates

Besides bug fixes, a lot of the work I’ve been doing on the firmware has been improving the python code for interfacing with keyplus keyboards. One new feature is the ability to read the current layout that is loaded on your keyboard. I haven’t got any UI to take advantage of this feature yet, but I want to start working a GUI now so that you will be able edit your layouts without any config file (in some cases you still might need/want one though).

I’ve also cleaned up the python API making it easier to use in scripts to send commands to your keyboard from the host PC. With the new API you should be able to do stuff like this:

>>> import keyplus
>>> keyplus.find_devices()
[<keyplus.keyboard.KeyplusKeyboard object at 0x7f6353e22518>]
>>> kb = keyplus.find_devices()[0]
>>> kb.connect()
>>> kb.set_indicator_led(led_num=0, state=1)

Check out the change log on github for a more comprehensive list of what has been changed/added.


Controllers on panel from the factory.
Controllers on panel from the factory.

This was my first time getting PCBs assembled at the factory, so I was a little bit nervous that something would go wrong, but everything seems to have turned out okay. I put my order in right before Chinese New Year, so it took a bit longer than I expected though.

Automated PCB assembly definitely beats hand assembling boards by placing hundreds of components. However, for prototypes, hand assembly still has some advantages since it can save time and money, so I think I’ll still be hand assembling plenty of boards in the future.

Controllers for sale

I hope to have some controllers ready to sell next week. There a couple of things I wanted to go over with the firmware before I’m ready to ship them, and I’m waiting on the 2.0mm pin headers to go with the controllers. I’m planning to sell them for 16USD. If everything goes well, I’d hope to get this price lower in the future with larger orders.

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